Thursday, June 15, 2017

Adequate bus stops needed at Nepali Farm tiraha

Written by A Bisht

Nepali Farm road tri-junction is a recognized bus stop. Still there're no proper bus stops there. Those awaiting for their bus are at the mercy of the scorching Sun, the rain.

nepali farm tiraha between Hardwar dehradun rishikesh

The situation has turned intolerable from the last two years or so. The process of highway broadening has denuded the spot of the trees and other vegetation which earlier used to provide some shade from the natural elements.

The Nepali Farm urgently needs three properly made bus stops. They will bring much relief to commuters.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat refuses Robe at UPES, Dehradun

Written by A bisht

The CM, Mr. Tirvendra Singh Rawat, refused the robe describing it as a relic of colonial era; and hence suggested the adoption of a "purely Indian" attire for such occasions.

Brace yourself as Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, two days ago, refused to wear a robe at the 15th convocation ceremony of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun. The CM, Mr. Tirvendra Singh Rawat, refused the robe describing it as a relic of colonial era; and hence suggested the adoption of a "purely Indian" attire for such occasions.

What "Purely Indian" attire can be worn on such occasions?

You suggest.

In the meantime, let's take this write-up forward.

Had the Uttarakhand CM wore the customary robe and the function concluded as per plan, the next day's newspapers, TV News Channels and News portals would have nothing to write about, except for the bland report of the Uttarakhand CM attending some convocation ceremony of some Educational Institution.

But by refusing the robe and linking it to some colonial legacy, the CM has made a simple convocation event into a big news.

By refusing the robe, the CM made the event as one about country's pride, ancient Wisdom, ancient culture and our roots.

In his speech, the CM said,

"The country should take pride in its ancestors, its ancient wisdom and culture and should not give up its roots," 
"the youth should serve their country with the same dedication as the Hanuman served Lord Ram. 

Have you thought of some "Purely Indian" attire?

If not, then lets take this article to the conclusion.

I don't think, there was any need for the CM to refuse the robe. The Education system we are following is Western, or purely colonial. It's not about some British Officer creating some selfish education system to subjugate us. The plain truth is : Irrespective of who rules us, or who we are; we have no clue about some better System -- An educational system which can replace the existing one. But that necessarily is not a bad thing either. If a civilization cannot invent, it can at least innovate. But the innovation must be for the major parts of the system. Not for the robe, which is just a customary part of it.

To conclude, there's a common Wisdom which says that in a celebration of any kind, the spotlight must be on the person whose achievement or Happiness is being celebrated. That's why we hear terms such as "The Birthday Girl/Boy" etc.

A University's convocation ceremony is meant for Congratulating the students of the university on attaining their degrees. hence, the spotlight must be on them.

If everything is relative to something else, then remarkably the other dignitaries attending the event, including Uttarakhand Governor K K Paul and Union Minister for Human Resource Prakash Javadekar, readily wore the robe.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Contract Teaching Jobs by Uttarakhand Government | Plain Bad Idea

Written by A bisht

Ever since this website came into existence, we have had a consistent view on the Contract jobs in Government sector. Our view is : The Contract jobs by a Government are a bad idea.

A Government should see itself as an ideal employer. An ideal employer is one which not only pays adequate salary, but also provides economic security for future. The qualities which can only be met through permanent employment.

If a Government starts employing people on contractual basis, then it not only wastes valuable time of the employee; it also encourages the private sector to employ people on parasitic wages (wages which are small and provide no financial security). 

Hence when we read reports about the new Uttarakhand Government's plan to recruit new teaching staff in Government schools on a contractual basis, we felt sad.

Irrespective of the Government reasoning, hiring teachers on contractual basis can never improve the quality of education in Government schools. The action will only result in mediocre and below average talent taking up the teaching profession. 

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