Friday, December 5, 2014

Indira Hridayesh cannot Tell Parents to Protect their minor Children

Written by ABisht
Yesterday, Uttarakhand Finance Minister Indira Hridayesh made an unnecessary statement. She asked parents to draw lessons from the rape and murder of a minor in Haldwani, and appealed to them to keep an eye on their minor children, if they take them to wedding ceremonies.

To quote, Ms Hridayesh, who Hridyesh, who represents Haldwani in the state assembly, said,
“The police cannot be everywhere all the time to provide security to your children. The marriage season is on these days and wedding parties usually go on till late in the night. You must keep an eye on your children if you take them to such ceremonies,” 

You will ask why the statement was unnecessary?

As it doesn't give a sense of security to the people.

Ms. Hridayesh may have said so overwhelmed by her woman or maternal instincts, but still the statement was unnecessary. When a person is in the position of authority, he/she must speak something which restores faith of people in the Government. Everyone knows that the resources are always scarce in a 125 crore country, but that doesn't mean people not to have a sense of security.

The statement is unnecessary on another ground as well, it gives the police the excuse to take their duty casually.

Law and order, Safety, teaching etc. are specialised professions. That's they need specialists for their performance. Many parents have higher education, that doesn't mean they can teach better than a trained teacher. In the same way, even most attentive of parents can't protect their child, the way a police personnel can.

Hence Ms Hridayesh's statement was totally unnecessary.

Her orders to police chiefs and district magistrates to step up security around marriage venues with installation of CCTV cameras to track suspicious movements and activities, was alright. Her assurance to the people that the culprits have been put behind the bars and will be tried in a fast-track court, was alright as well.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Question Papers Uttarakhand PCS Pre Exam - 2012 | Download

Written by ABisht
Uttarakhand Public Service Commission has uploaded the Question Papers of Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) Exam - 2012 or Uttarakhand Upper Subordinate Services Exam 2012, which took place on Sunday, November 30, 2014.

It's a good opportunity for those candidates plan to appear in the exam in future. They will get an idea of PCS Pre Question Papers.

Uttarakhand PCS (Pre) Exam - 2012 Question Papers

Paper - I (General Studies) ---- Click Here

Paper - II (General Aptitude Test) ---- Click Here

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Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank declares Astrology more Scientific than Science!

Written by ABisht
Speaking in Parliament Yesterday, BJP MP from Haridwar Ramesh Pokhriyal aka Nishank (one who has gone above every doubt) declared Astrology more Scientific than Science. He reasoned: That's why compared with Science, Astrology has more followers around the world.

To support his utterances, Mr. Pokhriyal made reference of an ancient Indian sage who he believed invented atomic bomb. He further made reference to Lord Ganesha as an example of advanced resurrective surgery, where an elephant's head was put on a human torso. He didn't stop at that and validated the comparison of Modi to God.

Don't know how to react with such declarations. My only question is : Who will a person first go to, if a loved one gets ill or gets injured? A doctor or an astrologist?

That apart, barring a few individuals, most individuals inhabiting this planet will attribute their survival to Science. The question is not whether Astrology is capable or not. The question is not whether Ancient India was at the zenith of (Top of) cloning, resurrection or quantum physics. The Question is: Is Parliament the right podium to speak about all that?

Last but not the least: It's unfortunate, a representative of more than 10 Lakh people, wastes valuable time, comparing a mortal human being with a God. He must use the same time to serve the people. The best way to do that is to raise people issues. Why bother about Astrology, Ancient India and blah blah...

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Uttarakhand CJ-JD Exam-2014 : Advertisement, Online Application Form

Written by ABisht
Uttarakhand Public Service Commission, Haridwar (UKPSC Haridwar) has released the  of CJ-JD Exam-2014. Below are the key details:

The Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) will hold a written examination at various centers for the selection of Suitable Candidates to the posts of  Civil Judge (Junior Division) in Uttarakhand Judicial Service Examination Civil Judge (Junior Division) 2014 :

Civil Judge (Junior Division) : 18 posts (UR-9, SC-7, ST-2), Pay Scale : Rs. 27770 - 44770, Qualification :  Law Graduate , Age : 22-35 years as on 01/01/2013.

How to Apply : Apply Online at Uttarakhand PSC website from 02/12/2014 to 19/12/2014 only.

For the Uttarakhand CJ-JD Exam-2014 : UKPSC Advertisement, Online Application Form:

Click here for UKPSC CJ-JD Exam-2014 Online Application Form

Click here for UKPSC CJ-JD Exam-2014 Advertisement

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Uttarakhand PCS 2012 Answer Key

Written by ABisht
We will try to upload the Uttarakhand PCS 2012 Answer Key the moment it's made available by the UKPSC. The Preliminary examination for Uttarakhand PCS 2012 or Uttarakhand Upper Subordinate Services (Pre) Examination 2012, took place in examination Centres across Uttarakhand on November 30, 2014.

Answer Key of PCS (Pre) Exam-2012 :

General Studies Answer Key --- Click here 

General Aptitude Answer Key --- Click Here

What if you have some objections regarding the Answers in the Uttarakhand PCS pre 2012 Answer Key:

Then you can register that objection through the Objection Form

Download Objection Format of PCS (Pre) Exam-2012

Download for General Studies Click Here

Download for General Aptitude Click Here

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