Thursday, October 1, 2015

Don't Expect Police as physically fit as a Soldier!

Written by ABisht
On September 30, 2015, Uttarakhand Police Inspector Rankers recruitment race took place in Hardwar. During the eligibility race, many Uttarakhand Police constables got fainted. One of them later died in the Hospital.

A sad and unfortunate incident.

After the said incident, many people started questioning the fitness level of the Police constables. Some even suggested Army level fitness mandatory for Police Constables.

I want to tell all such people that Police can't be made as fit as a soldier.

And there are reasons for that.

The reasons don't include laziness.

The reasons are different.

Police is meant for Policing.

What does policing mean? maintaining law and order, maintaining peace, keeping guard over, keeping watch on, watch over, defend, patrol (make the rounds) and collect data on people who can be a threat to peace and law & order.

Hence a police doesn't need to be as fit as a soldier.

A soldier fights enemies and hence needs to be intimidating. A police constable works among countrymen, who he doesn't need to intimidate (make other person afraid). All he has to do is take note of any crime, file report or put under custody any miscreant if the need be. He's not allowed even to beat someone inside or outside police lock-up.

Those who want Police to mimic Army commandos carrying assault weapons; are simply foolish. For the reason that you can't equip a person working inside a society with an assault rifle. Those who are telling you that a commando style police is a must for war against terror are simply misleading you; as that's not the work of Police. And for obvious reasons.

I'm surprised, why Police organised such recruitment races for Inspector posts, which are purely management jobs!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Narayanbagar Chamoli Uttarakhand | 3 Things the Arrest of Sexual Assault accused teaches us

Written by ABisht
An 11 year old girl was found dead on Sunday Morning in Narayanbagar Chamoli Uttarakhand. The villagers suspected sexual assault of the girl. A dismissed Uttarakhand Police constable Birendra Kumar was suspected (by people) for committing the heinous crime; demanding the accused's immediate arrest they blocked the Narayanbagar-Bhagoti Motor way. By evening the accused was arrested and put in police custody.

I'm not questioning people's collective view here; as they might have real reasons to suspect the cashiered constable. One of which was that the accused was seen with the victim minutes before her body was traced. Proper investigation by police will decide who the culprit is. The man in police custody may or may not be the culprit; as a paedophile in any society is difficult to trace. As the so called tell-tale signs of a paedophile are often false positive. That apart, a paedophile is so smart that he/she manages to remain behind a veil.

What does this mean? Paedophiles are often not suspected (on many instances they are the powerful, respected and authoritative figures in the family of society) and; there are some people whose friendly behavior with children is mistaken as emanating from pedophilia.

There's no place for a paedophile or closet paedophile in a civilized society; but it's equally important a good person doesn't become victim of false positive.

Below are three things which every adult person must act on, so that he/she is not falsely accused of being a paedophile (a person who is sexually attracted to children).
  • Don't give a Lift (give a ride) to a minor (School Child). 
Not to disrespect any one but it's not enough for the parents to choose a good school for the child. If the school needs commute (travelling periodically); then they should make sure that as well. The school going kids asking for a lift, is not a good habit. Not only it puts the people plying on road at unnecessary inconvenience; but it can also be a real risk for such children.
  • If a child is in distress 
Because of the missed school bus or having no money for commute, then don't offer a lift to child's home; instead offer to call his/her parent or guardian. Take some other people in confidence as well. If the child cannot tell his/her address or his parent's phone number, then call the police.
  • Know the proper touch
In recent months, much is being shared about 'What Constitutes a proper Touch'. In short, it means teaching the children, what parts of their body, the other person can touch at; and which parts must never be touched.

Adults must also know what proper touch means while they are interacting with children. 
  • It is a bad touch if it hurts the child. 
  • It is a bad touch if someone touches the child on his/her body where the child doesn't want to be touched.
  • It is a bad touch if the person touches the child under his/her clothing or tickles him/her under the clothing.
  • It is a bad touch if a person touches the child in a way that makes the child feel uncomfortable. 
  • It is a bad touch if that touch makes the child feel scared and nervous. 
  • It is a bad touch if a person forces the child to touch him or her. 
  • It is a bad touch if a person asks the child not to tell anyone. 
  • It is a bad touch if a person threatens to hurt the child if he/she tells.
Since adults are entrusted upon to rear and take care of children; Hence closet paedophiles do exist in the societies and families. A possibility of a harmless person suspected of having paedophile tendencies simply because he/she shows more than necessary affection towards kids (A high degree of affection towards all children in general, which will appear unpalatable to majority of people) exists as well.

To end, it's not difficult for a child to differentiate between real affection and immoral intentions. They are aware of their bodies and mind; as much as an adult is. That's why they will not complain an affectionate hug or a little kiss. A child also understands when an adult who really loves him/her as a child mistakenly brushes off some prohibitive area of the body. In simple, every parent or guardian or any person who the child is close to (is usually a person who has reared the child right from infancy) must note that : Every child is intelligent enough to differentiate between touches. Hence when a child complains or shares some incident of improper conduct; he/she must be believed. No relation, including that of parents, can be kept out of suspicion. The rule of Thumb which must be followed is: Always believe what the child tells you (parent or guardian).

As far as adults are concerned, if they follow the above things while interacting with children, then they will remain safe from false paedophilia accusations as well.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Remember Most Young People working in Industries get Rupees 2500-6000 per Month!

Written by ABisht
Yesterday, NDTV India was showing a report. The report was pro One Rank One Pension demand of ex-servicemen. In an effort to couple OROP with pay and pension increase demand of defense personnel; the report showed three ex-servicemen from Nainital telling the reporters how the pension they get is insufficient at present times.

Not to mention, one of the ex-serviceman tried to remind the Government/Nation what he received after devoting his life to the Country.

One of the ex-servicemen claimed that the Rupees 9 Lakh which he received at the time of retirement, went into establishing a visibly small tea shop-cum-general store. The meager Rs 12000 per month which he gets as pension, doesn't meet his and his family's needs. In Rs 12000 per month, he can either send his children to good school; or live a dignified Life.

I'm not saying Rs 12000 per month is enough to live a dignified life.

But what I want the readers to do is see the things in perspective. And when one does so, such reports don't look good. And from the look of the things (how news channels pick issues) it appears that only those who have organized themselves into groups, are listened to.

Why I think so?

Everyday I see young men and women boarding Company buses to work in twelve hour shifts in Industries in Government created Special Industrial areas such as SIDCULs and private sector. Most of these young men and women are working as contractual labours. If my information is correct, even an engineer is not being paid more than Rs 7000. Anyone who has an education lesser than than is taking home from Rs 2500-6000 every month. There are no welfare schemes for these young men and women, no future surety and NO VOICE. They have only one option: Either to keep working at these wages (most of the times not even minimum wages), or leave the factory premises.

In short, if such young men and women can take care of their families in those paltry wages; then those getting above that, can manage as well.

On contrary if you see Rs 12000 per month insufficient, then what will you say about Rs 2500- Rs 6000?

In addition, a defense personnel is under Government employment. His wage and pension both get revised every couple of years, with arrears paid for the years, the salary or pension was not increased (an arrear means money owed and should have been paid earlier). That apart DA is increased two times every year, to take care of price rise.  In addition, the Government gives free education, free medical facilities, subsidized products of daily use to Defense personnel and their dependents. That apart, lump sum money is also paid for the marriage of defense personnel ward (child).

I think I made my point. And I think intelligent among you will understand it.

To conclude, I think the primary reason no one talks, speaks or writes about young men and women in employment in contract employment in private sector, is that they have not organized themselves into a vote bank. They are voting for every reason under the Sun... right from the Hindu Rashtra, to Modi, to India as an emerging super power, to ability; but their own Salary and life security. In short, they are not organizing themselves to demand a fare wage and a secure life. They are simply satisfied to carry on the 12 hour a day, 6 days a week ... grill (tough work); and bring home a small wage (a form of salary) every month.

Till the time, they cast their vote on every issue except their wages... no will speak, write or report about their misery. And every thing will get lost under the chants of Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

You can disagree with me.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Race Course Dehradun Retired Teacher falls prey to Phone Scam

Written by ABisht
A Retired Teacher living in Race Course Dehradun had fallen victim to a Phone call Scam or Telephone Scam.

Finding her susceptible to greed, a group of 11 well educated young men and women from Delhi and adjoining Noida, presented themselves initially as belonging to some Government Insurance Department and later as Income Tax personnel, Police Personnel etc., and duped the lady of Rupees 56 Lakh. There's a greed angle to the incident as the well educated lady, at some stage of this fraud, was promised Rs 76 Lakh in return of Rs 32 Lakh. The fraudsters used every tactic in the book, to make the lady shell out as much money as they can. They even terrorized her for having undisclosed money (black money); so that she could be pushed to make a private settlement with the Income Tax Personnel (the fraudsters who disguised as IT Personnel and raided her house).

The good thing is, two of the fraudsters, the mastermind and one of his accomplices, has been arrested by the Police; and the search to nab other 9 is on.

Phone Call Scam...

The fraud started with a telephone call where the caller introduced herself as belonging to some Government Insurance Department. She managed to get the information about the lady's Insurance policies. Later on, one of the fraudsters called the lady and informed her that the IT Department suspects her & her family of having black money & undisclosed assets; and of an imminent Income Tax raid.

... the rest of the story you can either read from the newspapers or make a guess of on your own.

I've written a detailed article about Phone Scams or Telephone Scams in early 2013. Do read it, if you want to know about Phone Scams.

You are an English language reader, this makes me request you a little more effort. 

Please tell anyone who you think is not that informed enough about such phone scams.

To encourage young men and women reading this article, let I share a real incident -- an incident which tells why it's important to inform others about such phone scams.

Some months ago, I happened to be in a cyber cafe or internet cafe.
While I was surfing the web, I heard a boy addressing the cyber cafe owner as Sir. He was asking the Cyber cafe owner something specific. He was asking -- "Will We get a Prize ('Inam'), if we send Rs 5000 to a Sir?". The Cafe owner asked , "which Sir?". The boy (now his father standing besides him) told the owner about a person who's called them from a specific mobile number (He showed the mobile to the owner), telling them to send Rs 5000 to a certain bank account, so that he can send them a prize. The cafe owner said he had no idea.  
At this point, I gave a proper look to the boy and his father. From the very appearance, they looked very poor. The boy was wearing old and torn half-pants and half sleeved t-shirt, at the peak of Winter.
I intervened.
I asked the father to show me the Mobile Number. I asked them could I make a call to that number. The offer which they readily and happily accepted.
I called the number from the man's mobile. A man answered the call. I asked him why he wants these people to send him the money. He told me about a policy where the "Luck Winners" will get the "Big Prize" only when they send the processing charges. I asked him to send the Prize First. He tried to convince me again of their strict Prize policy. I asked him, from where he's speaking and where the Company is situated. He told me Jamshedpur.
By this time, my patience had run out. I shouted at the man and told him not to deceive people by such fraudulent schemes. I told him, even if he seems to have no conscience; still as someone who calls him a human being; he should have the conscience to spare the poor. I cautioned him, not to call the number again. Else, I will report him to the police. The man disconnected the call.
Now it was the time to teach the father son duo. I told them that all such schemes are fraudulent. Hence don't send even a single paisa to such people. To make the message clear, I told them, if they don't pay attention to my advice, they will lose their hard earned money. I reminded the father : There's no Free Lunch (means -- No One feeds you For Free. You always have to give something in return. In other words, it is impossible to get something for nothing).
The man told his son to delete the fraudster's number immediately.
On a lighter note, when I asked the man what he does for a living, he told me, he's a construction labour from Bihar.
That day, I realized that it's not enough to protect ourselves from such frauds. It's equally important to save those who are really naive and are at the bottom of the social ladder. From that day, wherever I get the opportunity, I try to inform the least privileged in our society about such scams.

As an informed citizen of this country; as a young man or woman of this country; you should do the same. And you will be amazed, how easy it's to proliferate information, without any specific effort.

For instance, once I was waiting for my turn in a queue at some Government Office. Within the campus, some building was being constructed. I told the guy behind me in the queue, to excuse me for a couple of minutes. I reached the site and casually initiated a conversation, and told them about phone scams. Initially they thought I'm wasting their time, but when I shared the details about what constitutes a phone scam, they started hearing me keenly.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Safe rescue of Kidnapped Child from Rishikesh... and Questions Every Parent must ask!

Written by ABisht
It's good to hear that the Uttarakhand Police managed to rescue the kidnapped 13 year old from Rishikesh. Hats off to the Police for their effort.

And with this the debate about the Child's kidnapping ends! ... Right? No. As, the incident itself has much for the society to think about. No, we don't need to think about the kidnappers and their motives. As such criminal elements will always be present in any society.

We need to think about the child, and the children in general.

As adults, we must ask ourselves questions, which unfortunately, we are not ready to answer.

According to the newspaper reports and police accounts, the child here was friends with everyone, a 13 year old must not. Including his kidnappers. His friend, who was a student of class 9th; and who unfortunately can't be saved; chalked out the entire scheme to get his friend kidnapped.

The kidnapped child used to have his personal motorized two wheeler and a mobile phone; when the Law very well states that the minimum age to ride any motorized vehicle is 18 years.

What is more important -- Material Success or becoming a Law Abiding citizen?

This simple question, every parent must ask.

What is the motivation behind handing over a motorcycle or a motorized Two wheeler to a school going kid?

Save time for Studies?
Prevent the child from manual exhaustion?

What is the reason?

What is wrong with the Good old bicycle?

What kind of childhood 'Parents of Today' had when they were children?

Much walking, cycling, running... right?

Had that stress on their bodies (Parents), made them less successful? OR if said in other words, Had people from that period not succeed in their lives?

Please Think about it...

There are reasons why children are not given money liberally (without questioning). Or are not provided for everything they wished for or demanded.

One reason is: As children, they don't have the discretion on how to spend money on constructive purposes. Another reason is: Only when a person earns money himself/herself, he/she realizes the worth of it. As a matter of fact: Anyone can spend money with both hands, which he/she never earned himself.

The same applies to a motocycle or any motorized vehicle before legal age of 18 years. The same applies to a cellphone or mobile phone or a branded clothing. The child fails to realize the importance of money, and how difficult it's to earn a single rupee.

If a school going child rides the good old bicycle or walks to school or tutions; he/she remains grounded. This simplicity not only makes him/her respect money & elders... but also makes him/her a Law abiding citizen as an adult.

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